Bill Nye is Back… To Save the World!

Bill Nye Saves the WorldIn a new Netflix series, mechanical engingeer and science advocate Bill Nye sets out on the daring mission to save the world. With the help of celebrity guests and expert panels, Nye investigates the different problems and misconceptions we face in the world today.

The show is very inclusive, allowing people with different levels of scientific understanding to participate – even children could gain a lot from watching the show. It also covers a wide range of highly relevant topics, such as: genetically modified foods, global warming, fad diets, vaccines, and overpopulation.

By visualising the problems and using examples, it becomes easier to understand the subject. Nye also keeps the conversation factual and in line with scientific process – and rightly so, because emotions will not change the threat of global warming or overpopulation, nor does insulting peoples emotions help them understand.

Again I implore people not to be discouraged by the science label, the topics brought up for discussion are debates we need to have in the public forum. We also need to be an informed public on these matters, and not just trust that people in power know what to do. So join us on the mission to save the world! And remember: smiles are contagious 😀