Eerie Silence

HushFor a great thrill, I recommend the 2016 horror movie Hush. To be completely honest I have never been a major horror fan, but this movie is exceptional. Horror movies often build on loud and scary noises, employ overused clichés, and feature unrealistic characters. This movie however, avoids the cheap tricks and provides a different thrill.

Deaf-mute Maddie lives secluded in the forest, and unexpectedly becomes the victim of a masked stalker appearing at her window. Deafening silence sets the scene for an eerie and terrifying encounter between the seemingly defenseless deaf woman and the vicious masked killer.

The simplicity is what makes this a great watch as well as an unsettling experience. Generally it is a creepy movie rather than a scary one, unrelentingly keeping you at the edge of your seat.

So if there is one horror movie you really should give a chance – even if you’re not a fan of the genre – it is this masterpiece. And remember: smiles are contagious 😀


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