A Vast Sea of Knowledge

This week’s recommendation is a bit different – in the sense that it is a website rather than a specific article within the site. Yet for weeks, I have felt that TED deserves more attention. What you gain from clicking that link, is access to a vast source of information under the flag “Ideas worth spreading.”tedtalksI used to fill my spare time with movies and series that didn’t really reflect the world around me. Often I would feel at a loss when it came to real issues, and I would just escape to my fantasy world. When I found TED however, that all changed. It feels almost ridiculous to say how few movies and series I’ve seen lately, compared to how many TED talks. That is exactly why I want to share this amazing site with you – I feel connected with the real world, I feel aware of what is happening, and I have more knowledge than ever before.

The great thing is that there are TED talks for everyone. There are so many topics to explore, and a lot of funny talks too. I really urge everyone to check it out and expand your view of the world. And remember, smiles are contagious 😀


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