The Babadook

Imagine it’s late at night, and you’re comforting your frightened son. As you’re trying to convince him monsters aren’t real you hear from behind the door: “Ba-ba-ba… dook! Dook! DOOOOOKH!” The bonechilling shouts from the Babadook – a monster from a book that just appeared in your home.The-Babadook-Poster.jpg

This psychological horror film featuring the dark and frightening Babadook becomes surprisingly real. Single-parent Amelia lost her husband the same day she gave birth to her son Samuel. As she struggles to cope with the loss, and her sons problems with irrational fears, she slowly loses her sanity.

*Spoilers ahead* The dark reality of how damaging grief can be is haunting. The scary monster powerfully visualising a mental problem that otherwise can be hard to see, highlighting a common yet often overlooked issue.

Although the movie is scary at times, I would still highly recommend it because of the underlying message. Awareness about mental health is important – both negative and positive – and remember: smiles are contagious 😀


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