Life in Notes

Life-on-the-Refrigerator-DoorFor a short but incredibly moving story about a mother and daughter, I deeply recommend “Life on the Refrigerator Door” by Alice Kuipers. In their busy days they hardly meet; their conversations reduced to small notes left on the fridge, but life is about to change.

The simplicity of the book makes it much more realistic, and as the story unfolds it draws you in deep. I have never felt so touched by a book, nor have I cried quite like this book made me do. The emotional effect feels cathartic in some ways, which is why this book made such an impression on me.

Cleverly written and a clear comment on the busy modern life, it inspires you to make time for those you love. We are always rushing around, stressing, hardly ever seeing each other. We should slow down more, breathe a bit, and look around at the amazing world we live in and all the amazing people with different stories to tell.

Appreciate your family and friends, spend more time with them, and remember: smiles are contagious 😀


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