New York is a wasteland. Humans are slowly dying out – sterile and medicated they roam around aimlessly. Reading and writing is illegal. Conversations and friendship no longer exists. It is in this world we meet Bentley: a man who taught himself to read, who stops medicating and discovers a whole world around him. “Mockingbird” by Walter Tevis gives us a frightening look into a possible future.

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Described as a mix between “Brave New
World” and “1984” it shows the deeply unsettling consequences that computerisation can have on humanity. Even the machines are struggling – falling apart and breaking down as decades pass. Bentley slowly uncovers secrets of the past, which might hold the key to saving humanity from extinction.

A thought-provoking read, it is nearly impossible to put the book down. The incredible journey of Bentley is frightening yet inspirational at the same time. And it is as relevant today as it was nearly 40 years ago when it was written. I highly recommend it, and remember – smiles are contagious 😀


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