A peculiar adventure

For a fantasy adventure through time, I recommend “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children,” by Ransom Riggs. The story follows Jacob after a family tragedy, as he follows clues to uncover his grandfather’s past. The trail leads him to a Welsh island, where he discovers some unusal children. The narrative is littered with vintage photographs, giving a deeper dimension to the story and sending it to #1 on the New York Times best seller list where it remained for 45 weeks.


The story is immensely gripping, making it near impossible to put the book down. The vintage photographs provide a depth to the story I have not seen elsewhere, making the decision to read book number 2 and 3 an easy one. With an abundance of great characters and exciting adventures, it makes a great read for teens and adults in my opinion.

I will admit that the pictures frightened me in the beginning – there is no hiding the fact that they are quite creepy. But then again, they have to be in order to match the story. So don’t let the creep-factor put you off this amazing book, and remember – smiles are contagious 😀


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