Bill and Melinda Gates: Annual Letter

Every year Bill Gates and his wife Melinda write an annual letter raising awareness on important subjects. For 2017 they focused on the positive changes that have been made in the world – reminding us that optimism is a vital tool in the worldwide efforts. They narrate their letter as a response to Warren Buffett, a fellow philanthropist who made the largest donation to Gates’ foundation – illustrating the effect his donation had.


The worldwide efforts explained in the letter includes: reducing childhood deaths and newborn mortality, making vaccines available, ending malnutrition, gender equality, ending poverty, and providing modern contraceptives enabling future planning. They close the letter with their ultimate goal:

We want to end our letter with the most magical number we know. It’s zero. This is the number we’re striving toward every day at the foundation. Zero malaria. Zero TB. Zero HIV. Zero malnutrition. Zero preventable deaths. Zero difference between the health of a poor kid and every other kid. Bill Gates, Annual Letter

I implore everyone to read the letter and share it: everyone should know about – and get involved with – the global efforts to better our world. And remember – smiles are contagious 😀


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