The Martian Chronicles

For a taste of excellent science-fiction, I recommend Ray Bradburys “The Martian Chronicles”. Written in the early cold war, it reflects a time of technological advance, nuclear threat and the fate of humanity. Through a collection of loosely woven together short stories, Bradbury paints a dark post-apocalyptic future with a few beacons of hope shining through.


The red line through the stories is human exploration and colonisation of Mars, leaving behind the Earth that has been devastated by nuclear weapons. Bradbury’s descriptions that flow through majestic landscapes and ancient martian cities long forgotten, leave mental images similar to dreams. Since the stories are only loosely connected, it is easier to read one whenever you have time. They become chapters of sorts, and less challenging in a way  – some are only a few pages long. Also, the topics are still very prominent today as they were some 60 years ago.

“The Martian Chronicles” is a very worthwhile read; exploring the consequences of war, destruction, corrupt humanity, and much more. I highly recommend it to everyone, and remember – smiles are contagious 🙂


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