Last Chance to See

In 1989 Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine traveled around the world with the hope of finding animals on the brink of extinction. They searched for animals like the aye-aye in Madagascar, the kakapo in New Zealand and the Yangtze river dolphin in China. The trip was documented through a book and a BBC radio show.

20 years later and Carwardine is set to make the journey again. In the midst of planning the next journey Douglas Adams unfortunately passed away – and a new companion needed to be found. During the last adventure, Stephen Fry had been house-sitting for Adams and handled their mail and parcel deliveries all over the world. Fry admittedly felt jealous of their extraordinary adventures, so when he was asked to join he did not hesitate.


The series which consists of 6 episodes – each dedicated to one specific threatened species; Amazonian manatee, Northern white rhinoceros, Aye-aye, Komodo dragon, Kakapo and Blue whale. Each episode is filled to the brim with beautiful nature and curious creatures. It provides a lot of information regarding the effects mankind has caused, but it also shows those glimpses of hope through conservation efforts.

In order to save our planet, we all need to open our eyes to the truth. The only way to stop species from going extinct is educating people. Tradition, superstition and lack of education are often the cause of extinct species. This series provides insight into a worldwide issue in a way that makes you want to get involved.

Please do get involved – spread the word, educate yourself and others, and remember that smiles are contagious 😀