Bill Nye is Back… To Save the World!

Bill Nye Saves the WorldIn a new Netflix series, mechanical engingeer and science advocate Bill Nye sets out on the daring mission to save the world. With the help of celebrity guests and expert panels, Nye investigates the different problems and misconceptions we face in the world today.

The show is very inclusive, allowing people with different levels of scientific understanding to participate – even children could gain a lot from watching the show. It also covers a wide range of highly relevant topics, such as: genetically modified foods, global warming, fad diets, vaccines, and overpopulation.

By visualising the problems and using examples, it becomes easier to understand the subject. Nye also keeps the conversation factual and in line with scientific process – and rightly so, because emotions will not change the threat of global warming or overpopulation, nor does insulting peoples emotions help them understand.

Again I implore people not to be discouraged by the science label, the topics brought up for discussion are debates we need to have in the public forum. We also need to be an informed public on these matters, and not just trust that people in power know what to do. So join us on the mission to save the world! And remember: smiles are contagious 😀


Let’s go to Mars!

The Mars Generation: a 2017 Netflix documentary follows the aspiring astronauts of tomorrow on the journey to Mars. Just like the prospect of going to the moon inspired a whole generation, the prospect of going to Mars now inspires the next generation of astronauts – the very people who might be on the Mars mission.The Mars Generation

The documentary relives the history of our space exploration, celebrating the great things we have achieved so far, featuring famous experts like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye and Michio Kaku. It also introduces us to the newest technologies and ideas NASA are developing on our journey into space, with the self-declared “spacenerds” participating in their yearly astronaut camp.

Throughout the documentary there is a sense of wonder around the adventure that lies ahead. The dream of going out there on such a grand journey is not far away from coming true, you can see it in the teens eyes – they will be the generation that finally goes to Mars. And now, I have a gleam in my eye – I know my generation will see them go out there and explore, and it makes me hopeful for the survival of the human race. So dream with us, and remember: smiles are contagious 😀

Enter the Spirit World

Spirited_Away_(Amerikansk_DVD)Imagine you are 10 years old, and moving house with your parents. As you’re driving along you get lost and find a strange village. Suddenly your parents fall in a trap and you end up in the spirit world, alone.

Although I believe many have seen and enjoyed Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki’s works, I still want to recommend a long-time favorite of mine – Spirited Away. For those who are curious about anime or japanese movies, this is a great place to begin. This cosy family movie is beautiful and well-made, making it great entertainment for all ages.

Chihiro’s journey in the spirit world is filled with many strange creatures, from small and fuzzy soot spirits, to witches, even dragons and a no-face demon. Taking up work in a bathhouse Chihiro ventures through a world very different from her own, making some friends along the way. This adventure is surprising and it’s charming story will move you.

It comes as no surprise that this great piece of cinematic beauty is the most successful film in Japanese history, won an academy award, and was voted fourth best film of the 21st century. Like me, a whole world fell in love with the Japanese animated style and the wonderful stories from Studio Ghibli. Please share, and remember: smiles are contagius 😀

Eerie Silence

HushFor a great thrill, I recommend the 2016 horror movie Hush. To be completely honest I have never been a major horror fan, but this movie is exceptional. Horror movies often build on loud and scary noises, employ overused clichés, and feature unrealistic characters. This movie however, avoids the cheap tricks and provides a different thrill.

Deaf-mute Maddie lives secluded in the forest, and unexpectedly becomes the victim of a masked stalker appearing at her window. Deafening silence sets the scene for an eerie and terrifying encounter between the seemingly defenseless deaf woman and the vicious masked killer.

The simplicity is what makes this a great watch as well as an unsettling experience. Generally it is a creepy movie rather than a scary one, unrelentingly keeping you at the edge of your seat.

So if there is one horror movie you really should give a chance – even if you’re not a fan of the genre – it is this masterpiece. And remember: smiles are contagious 😀

A Vast Sea of Knowledge

This week’s recommendation is a bit different – in the sense that it is a website rather than a specific article within the site. Yet for weeks, I have felt that TED deserves more attention. What you gain from clicking that link, is access to a vast source of information under the flag “Ideas worth spreading.”tedtalksI used to fill my spare time with movies and series that didn’t really reflect the world around me. Often I would feel at a loss when it came to real issues, and I would just escape to my fantasy world. When I found TED however, that all changed. It feels almost ridiculous to say how few movies and series I’ve seen lately, compared to how many TED talks. That is exactly why I want to share this amazing site with you – I feel connected with the real world, I feel aware of what is happening, and I have more knowledge than ever before.

The great thing is that there are TED talks for everyone. There are so many topics to explore, and a lot of funny talks too. I really urge everyone to check it out and expand your view of the world. And remember, smiles are contagious 😀

The Babadook

Imagine it’s late at night, and you’re comforting your frightened son. As you’re trying to convince him monsters aren’t real you hear from behind the door: “Ba-ba-ba… dook! Dook! DOOOOOKH!” The bonechilling shouts from the Babadook – a monster from a book that just appeared in your home.The-Babadook-Poster.jpg

This psychological horror film featuring the dark and frightening Babadook becomes surprisingly real. Single-parent Amelia lost her husband the same day she gave birth to her son Samuel. As she struggles to cope with the loss, and her sons problems with irrational fears, she slowly loses her sanity.

*Spoilers ahead* The dark reality of how damaging grief can be is haunting. The scary monster powerfully visualising a mental problem that otherwise can be hard to see, highlighting a common yet often overlooked issue.

Although the movie is scary at times, I would still highly recommend it because of the underlying message. Awareness about mental health is important – both negative and positive – and remember: smiles are contagious 😀

Life in Notes

Life-on-the-Refrigerator-DoorFor a short but incredibly moving story about a mother and daughter, I deeply recommend “Life on the Refrigerator Door” by Alice Kuipers. In their busy days they hardly meet; their conversations reduced to small notes left on the fridge, but life is about to change.

The simplicity of the book makes it much more realistic, and as the story unfolds it draws you in deep. I have never felt so touched by a book, nor have I cried quite like this book made me do. The emotional effect feels cathartic in some ways, which is why this book made such an impression on me.

Cleverly written and a clear comment on the busy modern life, it inspires you to make time for those you love. We are always rushing around, stressing, hardly ever seeing each other. We should slow down more, breathe a bit, and look around at the amazing world we live in and all the amazing people with different stories to tell.

Appreciate your family and friends, spend more time with them, and remember: smiles are contagious 😀